What We Do

Recruitment and Retention

Our unique services and web based platform simplifies the process of identifying, engaging, enrolling, and retaining study participants. Research Unlimited staff have extensive training in human subjects protection, cultural sensitivity, and experience working with diverse populations.

Study Marketing

We utilize innovative and culturally tailored marketing strategies to advertise studies and generate interest from potential participants.

Data Collection

Our researchers are trained in human subjects protection and experienced in collecting quantitative, qualitative, physiological, and biological data.

Community Engagement

We are experts in establishing, nurturing, and repairing institutional partnerships with communities. Working in concert with community members and our clients, we design solutions that foster mutually beneficial relationships, understanding, trust, equity, harmony, and engagement.

Research Design

With years of experience in research, we are experts in designing methodologies to address interdisciplinary research questions and hypotheses.


Evaluation services are designed to measure impact and effectiveness while assisting clients with improving programs and/or services.

We offer all of our services in Spanish

Our Expertise

Recruit & Retain

Trainings / Workshops

Technical Assistance

Numerous researchers trust Research Unlimited to provide research support services and rely on us for keeping in step with increasingly complex regulatory issues. We are skilled in expedient recruitment and retention of study participants and offer a variety of services, trainings, and workshops to assist researchers with meeting their goals. We also have a dedicated support team that provides technical assistance as needed. Additionally, We offer all of our services in Spanish.

Trainings and Workshops

For academic institutions, hospitals, foundations, and other research organizations that want to support the success of their researchers, we provide a series of on-campus trainings and workshops. Each workshop is designed to address challenges that researchers face with community engagement and participant recruitment/retention. The content delivered in Research Unlimited workshops is built on empirical evidence and designed to enhance skills and increase efficiency of attendees. All registered participants receive access to a repository of information to support them in reaching their goals for engagement, recruitment, and retention. Contact us for information regarding formats and fees.

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